Materials & Care

18k Gold Vermeil, layered over 100% 925 sterling silver.
18k Gold Vermeil, layered over brass, for durability when paired with crystal.
9k Solid Gold.
Ethically sourced natural diamonds.
Carefully selected factories in Florence, Italy and Wales, UK - including women-owned and family run enterprises that have an owner- designer 1:1 relationship. Artisanal, steeped in tradition, and in the world’s luxury fine jewellery centres of note.
We know the human hands who are touching each product we’ve made. It’s not faceless. We know who’s making this. We know who’s packing it. We travel regularly to our workshops. Making well, and making for forever is part of our DNA.
Sheytan will always commit to only working with the very best of makers and the most sustainable practices we can.